Sanabel sarl implements infrastructure, superstructure and water works including all civil and electromechanical works. The experience of the company's personnel in the construction as well as in design and supervision of works in these fields allow the company not only to execute works designed by others, but also to design and build all kind of related works.

The scope of activities includes among others the following tasks:

- Management, planning and cost analysis.
- Research and development.
- Feasibility studies
- Detailed design engineering.
- Construction and shop drawings.
- Supply of equipment.
- Plant construction.
- Plant start-up.
- Plant testing and commissioning.
- Training of personnel.
- Preparation of As-Built Drawings
- Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
- Plant Operation and Maintenance.

All these activities are implemented for all following infrastructure works, water and civil sectors:

- Water Resources.
- Water Supply.
- Wastewater & Storm Water.
- Infrastructure Works.
- Building Works.