Sanabel sarl Company main business is in the Civil, Water and Wastewater Construction sector, which includes civil and electromechanical contracting and engineering works including planning, management, cost analysis, research and development, feasibility studies, detailed design, supply of equipment, plant construction, plant start-up, plant operation and maintenance, training of personnel, etc...

Our Company is:
- A member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agricultural under No.1918 - Category: Excellent.
- A member of the Syndicate of Lebanese Contractors under No. 2651 - First Category.
- Classified by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport for "Buildings Works" First Category and for "Roads Works" First Category.
- Classified by the Ministry of Energy & Water for "Water Works" First Category.
- Registered at the Council for Development and Reconstruction for Civil and Water Projects up to Five Million US Dollars per project.

The structure and organization of our Company, its financial standing and resources in personnel, plants & equipment allowed it to complete successfully all kind of civil and electromechanical projects.